BearPond Video
We process, produce & manage every type of digital media.

Matt launched BearPond PRODUCTIONS in January of 2002. His goal was to bring Robust, High-Quality & Affordable Digital Media Services to all of the North Country. Matt shooting Ice Climbing in The NotchWe now work with numerous clients, from Small Start-Ups, to Mom & Pop Businesses, to Top-Tier Brands in the US & Canada.

BearPond PRODUCTIONS shoots all video in HD, and has recently added to its arsenal of equipment brand-new Canon DSLR Cameras and Glide-Tracks, which produce smooth & stunning results. Recorded footage, or audio captured in our studio, is brought into our State-of-the-Art Mac Work-Stations, where we process, produce & manage every type of digital media.

Action Videography
BearPond Productions began our video career shooting action sports. We know these sports because we do them, too.

We know how to get the goods. BearPond entered into providing action video services when we filmed all of Stowe Mountain Resort's winter web site videos for the 2006/2007 season. We continue to make videos for Stowe, and have expanded the video program to year-round. On the mountain up to 3 times per week all season, we help potential Stowe visitors see conditions for themselves and help the resort to fight the "Backyard Syndrome" perception of no snow at times when the cities may not have any.

Seeing is believing.

At the same time, we also saw our 2006 Action Sports short-film "EastCountry" receive a Top 10 award in the Proven in the NorthEast Film Festival. Not too shabby for our first year, eh?

Whether you want to film Ice Climbing, Backcountry Skiing, or a high school sports game, we can shoot it, and we can post-produce it into something great. We offer standard filming, as well as follow-cam (which really allows your viewers to get right into the action). Capture the action and help capture some excitement for your brand!

Commercial Production

We can deliver high-quality, digital video, and do it quickly, saving you time & money.

Our video workstations are all new Mac OS X driven MacBook Pro’s. They utilize the latest Apple editing software, Final Cut Studio. What this means is that your commercial project is produced using the same hardware and software that you would normally only find at higher-end, expensive production houses... except now they're available to you at a fraction of that normal cost. Win-win.On location at Spruce Peak's golf course.

BearPond has years of experience in filming promotional and commercial video projects. We understand the process and variables involved in getting the right raw footage to produce your project. You can bring us in strictly to just shoot footage as you direct, or leave the project management of the entire shoot and support personnel to us. You can storyboard your spot, and essentially direct the editing process, or you can leave it to us to make it magical. We're comfortable at various levels of involvement, as your creative directives & budgets dictate. aka - We're flexible.

BearPond can shoot and produce your already-developed advertising concept, or we can help you to develop a unique concept from brainstorm to storyboard to ad campaign strategy. Need help with media planning & purchasing? We can do that, too, with year's of advertising management for you to draw upon. Your creative can be converted and output in whatever formats and mediums you require. DVD, MOV, AVI, FLV... Don't speak the language? We can translate for you.

Web Content

Content is King on Web 2.0. It can drive your site more traffic, and get your brand more attention, for less.

Matt shooting on-snow for Stowe Mtn ResortNothing gets a buzz going better in today's e-World than video does. Video can help you to build excitement about, and foster consumer understanding of, your product or brand. Properly implemented, viral video programs can deliver new site traffic, and help you to grow your site's membership and opt-in email lists. One good video can deliver many thousands of impressions at a fraction of the cost of getting that same amount of traffic from paid site ads/promotions.

BearPond can help you to develop compelling web video, as well as other types of content for your sites. Web Newsletters, Flash Games, Music/Audio and Digital Photography can all enhance your site's content, search engine rankings and visitor experience. We can help you to develop leading-edge content that can improve your site's "stickiness" and help you build traffic.

Once you've successfully developed more traffic, continued fresh content will help you keep it.

Training Tutorials

Rather than simply reading an instruction manual, Video Tutorials provide an excellent educational tool.

Slynth User Tutorial Screenshot

Training videos and tutorials can help to educate users about a specific product or service. Using cutting-edge screen capture software, Bear Pond Productions can produce effective, instructional and educational tutorials that can be projected on a big screen, posted on your web site, or published to DVD for distribution. Whether it's software, or a technical product, tutorials help educate users and improve product usability. Ordinary users become "Super-Users".

Training videos can also help to improve employee performance and reduce accidents/errors, regardless of your type of business. Studies show that information presented with both sounds AND images is retained much better than when only read. Video can also be used to much more clearly demonstrate proper and safe usage of your product, which can help to reduce liability and risk for certain products and activities. Make sure your message is being clearly understood and that people remember it with a professional training video from BearPond.