If you need sounds for your project, we provide them the way you need them and when you need them... fast.

We get it done with MOTUSound can bring images to life. Take a video clip and watch it silent. Something's missing. Now simply add some background music. Suddenly the clip breathes with emotion and energy. Then add narration and enhance the experience even more. In life our images are almost always accompanied by sounds. We learn through both. Shouldn't your media use both for full effect?

With the full compliment of professional hardware, software and know-how, BearPond can add the dimension of sound to your media project, or just help you to make sure your sound is the best it can be and meshes correctly with your tech platform.

Whether it's adding sound or music to your video, commercial, animations or presentations, we know the landscape well and we speak the language of sound fluently. Your audience will very clearly hear the difference, but your budget will hardly notice any!